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Online and postal entries for the 2017 ride are now closed, but there are some afternoon times left, so entries will be available on the day of the ride for £20 entry fee (and minimum £15 sponsorship), to be paid in cash.

If you are entering on the day, please report to Secretary’s tent by midday with a completed entry form and cash payment for both entry (£20) and sponsorship (minimum £15). All start times will be before 1.30pm.



Entry fee and sponsorship

Each rider must pay an entry fee of £18 which includes paramedic cover. This is non-returnable under any circumstance, even in the unlikely event of cancellation of the ride.

In addition, each rider must pay the minimum sponsorship of £15 before a number allowing him or her to take part in the ride can be issued.

Click here to download extra sponsorship forms if necessary.

It is a condition of entry that sponsorship money is paid before starting the event.


Terms and conditions

Please note that the majority of the course is over private land and access is only permitted on Saturday 30th September (from 2pm, for inspection only) and Sunday 1st October. See the News page for more details on course walking.



Horse-riding over man-made and other obstacles is an inherently dangerous activity and each rider must take all reasonable care and precautions to ensure that they and other riders, spectators, members of the public, horses or property are not injured or damaged.

The Committee confirm that the course and fences have been inspected. Prior to making the course and fences available for inspection the Committee have exercised reasonable care in satisfying themselves that the fences are safe and secure. Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Committee’s negligence, no responsibility is accepted by the Committee or Landowners for any damage to persons, horses or property howsoever caused which arise from:

During the event it is possible that the fences or course may become less safe and secure. All riders are under a continuing duty to notify the Committee of any damage which they cause to, or notice in, any fence or the course during the event. Any defects are to be notified to the Committee as it is not possible for the Committee to inspect each fence and the course after every rider has completed the course or any part of it.

The Committee and Landowners accept no liability in respect of any damage caused to persons, horses or property, howsoever caused including any defect in the course or fences arising from any of the following: fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence of any rider or others, abnormal weather conditions, failure to follow the Committee’s or any official’s instructions (oral or written), failure to follow the rules.

The decision of the Committee is final in all cases.